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About us

The website collects and adapts data from various origins. Here you can find road information in Savoy in order to organize your trips!

All events cannot be published, firstly for the sake of the website clearness, secondly because we are not consistently informed about it.


Traffic events (breakdowns, accidents, roadworks…)

The website is supplied live with traffic events…:

  • For national and departmental roads: the website is connected with our computer system of events management.
  • For motorways (A43, A430 and A41) and the Fréjus tunnel (RN543): posted data on website is communicated to us by the regional center or information and road coordination (Centre régional d’information et de coordination routière, CRICR, also called “Bison Futé”).
  • Events on local roads are not given.

For national and departmental roads, roadworks are updated by roads departments at the DIR CE and the Savoy department.

For motorways (A43, A430 and A41) and the Fréjus tunnel (RN543): posted data on website is communicated to us by the CRICR.

For information on local roadworks, you can contact concerned local councils (for example, here for the Chambéry conurbation –in French-).


Special events

Before taking place on a departmental road, a sporting or cultural event has to request permission from the state and the Departmental Council. That is why we can inform you about disruptions caused (as closed road for example).


Mountain passes

The Department Council has to do the snow clearance on all mountain passes situated on departmental roads. The estimated opened periods to traffic are informative, they depends on weather conditions.

When your GPS calculates your route, it does not consider the state of the passes. So remember to always check the state of the passes!


Google « Traficolor »

Google provides information about traffic conditions on the main road network (motorways and dual carriageways). That “traficolor” system is based on anonymous data given by mobile phones and GPS present on vehicles.


Road conditions

Every morning in winter periods, the state and the Departmental Council inform you about conditions on national and departmental roads, on each sector:

  • The state of the pavement
  • The snow or black ice presence
  • The pavement treatment (snow clearance and salting system)
  • Special equipment required

These indicative elements are updated every morning before 7am, then during the day according to conditions evolution.