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Recommendations to drivers

The Savoy Department has about a dozen road tunnels which are over 300 meters. By taking that type of structure, each driver is responsible for his safety and the one of other users. Here are some rules to move safely.

In normal situation

  • Turn on your dipped beam, even if the tunnel is lighted.
  • Respect the speed limit.
  • Respect safety distances recommended on road signs between your vehicle and the one ahead. Blue lights set up on each side of the pavement show you the right distance between light vehicles.
  • Make a stop when flashing red lights and safety barriers are in place.

Compliance with these rules can prevent accidents and limit the number of vehicles present in the tunnel.

In case of breakdown or accident

  • Pull over on the right and go out of your vehicle.
  • Do not stay on traffic lanes
  • Call for help with the orange emergency telephones.

In case of fire

  • Go out of your vehicle and call for help by using emergency telephone.
  • If possible, try to use the fire extinguishers available in the tunnel.
  • Go quickly outside by taking emergency exits and encourage other users to follow you.
  • Do not come back into the tunnel if firefighters don’t invite you to.