The weather is not available between midnight and 7am

Recommendations to drivers

Everybody is affected about road safety. If Savoy department is committing to make its roads as passable as possible, as users you also have to put yourself on “winter” mode when you travel!

NO IMPROVISATION: a departure has to be prepared!

  • Check your vehicle, weather and road conditions:;,
  • In case of important or unexpected risks, delay your departure!
  • Equip yourself : winter tires, snow chains (train yourself to put them on your vehicle), warning triangle, safety vest, booster cables, water bottles, warm clothes and food.
  • Clear the snow from your roof car, it can be dangerous when it’s falling.

NO IMPRUDENCE: be careful of road conditions!

  • Keep yourself informed: Listen to Autoroute Info 107.7 FM, France Bleu Pays de Savoie 103.9 FM, and go on Follow your GPS with caution, some roads or mountain passes may be closed.
  • Read overhead signs and respect police instructions.
  • Take a break every 2 hours.

Viabilité hivernale

  • On a road with “normal” conditions: there is snow on roadsides or on the pavement, but no black ice or snow drift, special equipment is not necessary but stay careful.
  • On a road with “delicate” conditions: the snow is melting on vehicles tracks, there is localized frost and some patches of black ice: special equipment is recommended, be careful!
  • On a road with “difficult” conditions: the pavement is entirely covered by a thin layer of snow, frost or black ice is widespread but thin: snow tires are recommended and you must bring snow chains, they are sometimes mandatory. To put your chains on: do not stop on pavement, go on chains fitting areas set up on your route.
  • On an “impracticable” road: the pavement is entirely covered by a thick layer of snow, frost or black ice is widespread in a thick layer: you may be blocked, don’t go!


  • In any case, facilitate snowplows work: do not overtake them, let them pass, don’t be stationed on pavement or on narrow areas and let the turnaround areas free.

Well, be patient, a snow clearance system takes time.