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Recommendations to drivers

RECITA : Régulation de la Circulation en Tarentaise


Taking time, saves time!

The RECITA scheme contributes towards your safety and helps traffic move freely. It is designed to protect motorists against incidents and unknown factors inherent to mountain areas that can cause disruptions or even bring traffic to a complete halt (falling rocks, tunnels). The RECITA scheme makes your trip to resorts easier by reducing your travel time.


Managed by the authorities (Direction Interdépartementale des Routes (DIR) Centre-Est), RN90 road links Albertville to Bourg-Saint- Maurice. Specific missions are assured in winter on that road:

  • Removal of snow and black ice,
  • Supervisor of the network, to be able to intervene in case of incident ,
  • Traffic co-ordination, to ensure users safety and avoid congestion.
Expect delays before Moûtiers

On your way up, you are going to reach traffic lights just ahead of Moûtiers. The aim of these lights is to control heavy traffic in order to avoid traffic jams occurring in dangerous areas – subjet to falling rocks or on tunnels. Moreover, lights makes the snow clearance easier on snow falling conditions.

During busy holiday periods, the light acts as a filter only allowing the number of vehicles the valley can ‘taken in’ without reaching saturation point.

Traffic moves more freely after the lights

Without the RECITA scheme, traffic would be paralyzed for many hours during the winter crisscrossing. In the end you will have saved times, travelled more peacefully and driven more safely through hazardous areas. Take advantage of these moments of waiting to learn about the traffic conditions, by listening to the radio (France Bleu Pays de Savoie on 103.9 FM) or by consulting the website

On a tunnel longer more than 300 meters

Traffic lights are put on both sides of the Siaix tunnel. They avoid stopping vehicles inside the tunnel and ensure greater safety in this risk area. A closing system is also deployed before the Ponserand tunnel, on the way back from the resorts.

Safety notes

In case the RECITA system is stopping you, please stay on the main road and do not follow your GPS instructions. On the way up, some exists can be closed to reserve the parallel route to emergency vehicles.
Listen and watch for instructions. Put your snow chains in the spaces provided and definitely not somewhere else! Likewise do not stop on the tunnel to put or remove them.