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Put into service in 1932, the Tunnel du Chat links the region of Chambéry and the Avant-Pays Savoyard. The Savoy Department has owned the structure since 2006. The current works for upgrading to standards the tunnel consist of building a second tunnel for safety alongside the present one. The main tunnel is also going to be modernized. Works started in February 2015 with the gallery opening and it will last until the end of 2017, when the gallery and the tunnel will be reopen. With €40 million spread on 3 years, it’s one of the most important construction sites leaded by the Department of this last years.



Your travel during the closing period

The tunnel renovation requires the complete closure of the structure from 18 April until November 2017.


Car traffic and the regular line of buses are diverted on the route of the Col du Chat, prohibited to cyclists for safety.

Despite of the extend work, the closing time was condensed to the maximum to limit the nuisance and avoid deviating traffic in the Col du Chat  during the winter months.

To organize your trips, consult to see:

  • the new schedule of the C2 Yenne / Chambéry bus line, adapted with an additional time limited to 10 minutes
  • the carpooling possibilities between the Avant-pays Savoyard and the Chambérien and Aixois basins.

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